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Department Managers:  Agencies may choose to have ECM Department Managers.  If desired, please send a list of people for this role to the SITSD Service Desk to open a case requesting access.  Department Managers have administration rights over their department in Perceptive Content in areas allowed by the software.  Department Managers can manage application plans, can perform administrative actions in their department, and have control over all forms of content within their department.  They can assign department-level privileges to users and can determine what types of content can be shared with other departments.  Department Managers cannot create new users, however, they can manage existing users.  They also cannot set privileges for themselves, or any groups that they belong to.  Agencies can choose to opt out of having Department Managers and turn this role over to SITSD staff.

Agency Custom Code Development:  Agencies may develop iScripts, eForms, workflows, custom business intelligence (BI) reports and custom code using the Integration Server REST API.  If agency developers plan to develop in these specialized areas, training is highly recommended and they can contact Lexmark for training schedules.  Anything developed in these specialized areas must be committed to SITSD’s source control (Subversion).  Once completed, SITSD will conduct a code review.  To initiate a code review, please open a case with the SITSD Service Desk.  All production deployments will be handled by SITSD and a production deployment can only take place once the code review is completed.  Deployments may be requested by opening a case with the SITSD Service Desk.  SITSD’s normal deployment processes apply.

Perceptive Content Client:  Installation and maintenance of the Perceptive Content client will be the agency’s responsibility.  Department Managers are the first point of contact for agency users of Perceptive Content.  If an agency has opted out of having Department Managers and SITSD is providing this role, the agency is still responsible for Perceptive Content client installations and maintenance.

Storage Options:  Agencies have a choice of write once, read many (WORM) compliant, or non-WORM compliant, storage areas.  The choice of WORM compliancy may be applied at the drawer level (equivalent to a document class in FileNet).

Department Labeling:  Department Labeling is turned on within Perceptive Content and agencies may not change the Department Label applied by the system.  Other items that do not fall under the automatic Department Label must manually be added to the front of the name of the object.  

Perceptive Content System Administrators:  SITSD staff will be the system administrators of Perceptive Content.  SITSD can also be Department Managers for agencies who opt out of that role.  System administrators support and administer the enterprise system including:  building Departments, setting initial configurations and security, configuring Cross Department Settings, setting Global Privileges, access to enterprise servers and running INTOOL functions.  System administrators support and maintain the associated infrastructure including:  virtual servers, backups, restores, disaster recovery, system upgrades, configuration, and monitoring.

Scanners:  The installation, configuration, and management of scanners and scanner workstations is the responsibility of the agency.  Lexmark provides a “Recommended Scanner Guide” that can be provided by SITSD.  SITSD does not guarantee that any scanner will be compatible with Perceptive Content, nor does SITSD support the connection of scanners to the enterprise system.  If an agency would like an SITSD technician to troubleshoot a scanner issue, they may open a case with the SITSD Service Desk, however, professional services rates apply.  SITSD is happy to provide liaison services to Lexmark support for scanner issues if this is preferred by agencies.

Support:  Department Managers are the first point of contact for agency users of Perceptive Content.  If second level support is required, open a case by contacting the SITSD Service Desk.  Perceptive Content is supported by SITSD from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday on state working days.  On-call support is not provided by SITSD for Perceptive Content.

Migration from FileNet:  Agency responsibilities during the migration from FileNet include answering SITSD’s questions in a timely manner, attending initial training provided by SITSD for both users and Department Managers, thoroughly testing the solutions built in Perceptive Content, and providing feedback to SITSD.  Each agency will make the decision as to when they are ready to proceed into production and inform SITSD for joint scheduling.  If SITSD originally developed, and currently supports, a custom solution in FileNet, SITSD will pay for the migration of that solution to Perceptive Content.  Agencies will need to test the migrated solution and determine when to move it into production.  Once in production, SITSD’s normal catalog items and rates apply for support of all custom solutions.

Training:  SITSD will do the initial training for Perceptive Content in regards to using the client/WebNow for capture, search, and viewing documents and all Department Manager rights.  Two different trainings will be available, users and Department Managers.  A “train the trainer” approach will be used to train the Department Managers who will then train their agency employees after the initial end user training conducted by SITSD.  Please note that Department Managers should attend both trainings.  SITSD will be providing training at no cost to agencies during the FileNet migration only.  Following the migration, SITSD training may be purchased at our normal professional services rate.  Training is also available from Lexmark.

SITSD Professional Services:  SITSD has application developers available to provide solutions in iScripts, eForms, workflows, custom business intelligence (BI) reports and custom code using the Integration Server REST API.  Please contact the SITSD Service Desk if you are interested in a quote.  SITSD’s normal catalog items and rates apply.

February 2, 2016