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ECM Naming Standards

All items listed need “agency + program” in front of objects to easily be distinguished within the Enterprise environment.  Items that are connected to the Department Labeling option, will automatically put “Agency Acronym – “ in front of the item name when built (yes, this has spaces).  Please do not change the automatic Department Label on these items.  All other items that do not automatically put the department label in front, please manually add “agency + program” at the beginning of the name of item. 

  •  Department
    • Alarms
    • Application Plans
    • Batch file for a script
    • Capture Profile
    • CCM Templates (custom communications manager, fka perceptive document composition suite) 
    • Custom Property
    • Composite Custom Property
    • Document Types
    • Document Type Lists
    • Drawer
    • Files related to scripts, including but not limited to: bat, csv, css, js, xml, xsl
    • Filters (if shared or made public)
    • Folder Types
    • Folder Type Lists
    • Forms
    • Groups
    • Integration Server custom application
    • Output Profiles (options listed on tabs are Email, Fax, File, Print, Fax Recipients)
    • Records (options listed on links are Connection Types, Cutoff Instructions, File Plans, Picklists, Record Category Types, Record Folder Types and Record Types)
    • Relationships (options listed on tabs are Related Documents and Related Folders)
    • Reports
    • Retention (options listed on links are Holds, Physical Locations, Policies and Sets)
    • Rules
    • Scripts (iScripts included)
    • System Management (options are Department Transfers, Migration)
    • Tasks (options are Templates and Reason Lists)
    • Views
    • Workflow Processes
    • Workflow Queues

If you have an object in question that is not listed above and are asking, “Does this object need the naming convention applied to it?”, the default answer is, “Yes, please apply the naming convention.”